Happy Clients Say…

I started working with ChaChanna on or about July 2012, at the very beginning of the summer…and here I am in October getting ready for the holiday season feeling excited, in control, more confident than I’ve ever felt in my life.  Yes, I’m still procrastinating but much much less than ever before but most importantly where fear of something previously paralyzed me I’m pushing through with enthusiasm!  In short working with ChaChanna has been one of the best decisions of my life!

ChaChanna has truly been inspirational.  She is positive, motivating, nonjudgmental, constructive with any criticism, thoughtful, attentive, practical…she really listens.  She  has helped me in ways I never thought possible.  Our weekly teleconferences have forced me to review the past week’s successes and failures/setbacks and plan for the upcoming week, setting specific goals and being accountable.  There were times when I viewed an incident as a setback and ChaChanna would remind me of something I said a month or so ago and in fact the “setback” was in fact progress…huge specific progress and very real change in my attitude and actions!  Having her perspective and non-judgmental attitude has allowed me to reveal parts of myself that I had never revealed to anyone.  There were times when I Initiated the teleconference call and as I dialed her number I remember panicking because I had no idea what I would say or how I could possibly speak for 45 minutes. Sure enough she’d get me talking and 45 minutes later I didn’t want the call to end!

My husband, family, friends and colleagues have noticed a marked increase in the “new” me!  Actually, what ChaChanna has really helped me with is being the real me!  She has helped me see that it’s ok to be me…to stop being the person I think I’m supposed to be!  To be comfortable in my own shoes…that it’s ok to be imperfect!!  Has it been easy moving out of my comfort zone?  No, change is not usually easy but it has been easy working with ChaChanna. I’m dreaming again and this is something I haven’t done in years. I’m becoming comfortable pushing through with tasks I usually put off. Now, thanks to ChaChanna, I try to determine the reason I’m procrastinating….is it fear…is it a lack of knowledge….is it because I’m trying to please someone else and not myself?  Asking why has helped tremendously. Now I push through,  feel uncomfortable, get dirty, feel the pain, and feel the success!  Most importantly though I’m taking control. I don’t take things as personally as before. I’m less judgmental of others, and myself.

I’m finally accepting and loving me ….the real me.  I’m also accepting my role and my responsibility for my life!  

We all have choices….I’m glad ChaChanna was mine!

 C.L., Connecticut


I received an email from ChaChanna offering coaching. What initially struck me is she works with women who suffer from the “superwoman complex” and that is definitely me.

I’ve worked with a coach in the past but didn’t come to the session with any preconceived notions. I was interested in learning ChaChanna’s  approach to coaching. I was equally eager to help her as she had offered to help me.

The process was very straight forward. Based on the initial questions, I answered when I confirmed my appointment, we chatted for an hour about how I was going to tackle all of my projects. She made suggestions on how to improve my business practices and gave me resources to research further. At the end of our time she summed up the conversation and followed up with an email. She also checked in with me on key dates that I planned to have certain tasks completed.

I was impressed with this session and look forward to working with ChaChanna in future endeavors.  I appreciated her affirming coaching style and how she followed up and held me accountable on my tasks. I would definitely recommend her to fellow business owners/superwomen. 

Nneka Fritz, President & Founder, Higher Ground Education Consulting


 ChaChanna is a great coach when your inner critical voice gets in your way and keeps you from moving forward. ChaChanna helped me to work through some change processes, that came up repeatedly, until I was able to make the right decision and move towards the goal I wanted to reach.  She was great in keeping me on track with my assignments and focussed on my vision. I can highly recommend working with ChaChanna, especially when you feel you are standing in your own way.

 Sabine W., Austria


 ChaChanna completely blew me away with my first coaching session that I had with her. She was able to have me open up and reveal things to her that helped me realize the root of some problems that I had when it came to my business! I remember thinking, “Wow! I don’t think I have opened up so quickly to someone like that before!” What was key were the strategic questions she asked and it made me dig deeper within in myself. I also loved the fact that she instantly sent me her notes from our session that were very organized and  laid out as a game plan. Thank you so much Chachanna for this and everything!  

 Monique Johnson


Working with ChaChanna was a life changing experience for me.  Before working with her I had a vision that I really never thought would amount to anything, to me it was just another idea that I had that I would never follow through with. 

In my vision I saw myself owning my own business and helping people change their lives. Working with ChaChanna helped me make my vision a reality.  She helped me learn to believe in myself and helped me teach my little gremlin, the one that had sat on my shoulder all my life, how to help me instead of sabotage me.  ChaChanna’s ability to really listen and to call me out on things that no one else ever would made me realize how all I ever did was make excuses. 

ChaChanna has a very fun and inviting way of making you trust her but most of all learn to trust in yourself.  She helped me believe in myself enough to gain the courage I needed to do something I would have probably never had done on my own.  She helped me open my own wellness studio for women.  She guided me step-by-step and made what seemed impossible, possible, and at those times when I wanted to give up she was there reminding me why I was doing it to begin with and making me realize that I could do it and that I deserved it.  ChaChanna helped me take control of my life and helped me accomplish my dream!

Maribel Invernon
Fuze Wellness Studio


 ChaChanna Simpson is a stellar coach! She helped me to get focused and organized with a big project for my new business. The biggest breakthrough came when she helped me to see how I was focusing on too big of a picture with this project and how I had developed paralysis by analysis. She helped me to break down the steps into small easily managed steps and this made all the difference. Once she walked me through those steps to see how it could all happen so easily and without what I call “The Big O—Overwhelm”, it all came together so simply and was a huge success. Thank you, ChaChanna!!

Melissa Brown, MD
Green Light Coaching


ChaChanna is a woman on a mission to change the world – one person at a time, and I do believe she will succeed in her mission. Her drive and her passion toward her purpose blazes through the worst moments of self doubt and possible confusion her clients might encounter. Her approach is one that lovingly pushes you when you are JUST about to get over the speed bump (and saying “it’s too hard”) .. and on the other side celebrating (and I mean CELEBRATING) for you when you do. She has been a blessing in my life, in so many ways and I ASSURE you.. you will say the same thing once you experience her gift.”

Kerilyn Russo
Married to a Chef