Catapult Your Confidence

You are a loving and devoted family member, coworker and friend who’s constantly delaying your dreams because you are too busy putting everyone else’s needs before your own. You’re biggest challenge right now is finding the time to fully explore your dreams, eliminating self-doubt to believe you are good enough to achieve your goals and learning to not feel guilty for putting yourself first.

You already know you are the producer, writer, director, and actor in your life. And, if you are unhappy with the direction your life is headed you have the power to change it. But for some reason, in your current situation you feel stuck, you can’t imagine saying no to anyone who asks you for help–especially your loved ones who depend on you–for fear they’d be upset, disappointed or worse think you can’t handle it all. (You’re Superwoman, you can’t have them doubting your superpowers. You have a reputation to protect.)

When it comes to your dreams, you’re wondering if you’ll ever have time to pursue them, because there always seems to be one more thing you have to do for someone else. And when the daily to-do list is finally completed you’re just too exhausted to work on the things that would make you so happy. Even though you love your family and friends you’re starting to feel a bit resentful because the help you generously offered is now expected which leads to you feeling unappreciated for all you do. And the times you are swamped and overwhelmed, you desperately need help and wonder would it kill them to offer to help you? But, if we’re being honest, when they do offer to help you, you turn them away because you don’t need their help, you can do it on your own.

Your number one focus needs to be getting clear on your values because until you know what’s important to you in your life you’ll continue to create a life by default not on purpose. When you know what your values are you make much better life decisions. It’s also important to start setting boundaries with integrity so you eliminate feeling guilty by honoring yourself and the other person and are no longer at the mercy of someone else’s priorities.

You become the number one priority.

If this sounds like you, I’d love to chat with you to see if I can help you turn your life in a more positive and happy direction.

Schedule your free Confidence Catapult Session!

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