Just listen



You already know the answers to the questions you have but because you are so busy putting others first, you are drowning out the inner voice trying to speak to you. Or maybe you hear that voice but because it’s not saying what you want to hear or is contrary to what you think those those around you would approve of, you are ignoring it. I trust you to know the difference. But you’ll never be fully happy by continuing to listen to the louder voices of others over the whispers of your own heart.

What hours are you going to block off to get stuff done for you?



It is rare that someone will say, “Hey! This time is just for you!”  So, it’s up to you to set those boundaries and carve out some time for yourself whenever YOU want it. Save your best energy for “you time” to enjoy what brings you alive. Stop waiting for someone to give you permission to make time for you. And if you really need it take this as your permission slip.