Can you keep your composure?

How are you under pressure? Are you calm and relaxed, do you freak out along with everyone else or are you somewhere in between? Me, I start out freaking out with everyone else but after awhile I eventually realize that the sun will keep rising and setting no matter what and the “problem” can be fixed or does not need to be taken so seriously.

I find in this day and age, especially in the corporate or organizational settings, a majority of us just react instead of taking a step back, processing what’s happening, assessing and then DECIDING if there needs to be a response. Remember you don’t always have to respond.

Unfortunately we’ve adapted this notion that our first instinct is to immediately respond to what we make up in our mind has happened, which is usually the worst thing and then have to deal with the fallout of our knee-jerk response.

That is not the case with our brazen and brilliant woman of the week: Mary Elizabeth Bowser. She was a slave turned union spy. This is story you must hear.

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