Being courageous in spite of fear

ProseofPieThis weekend, I told my first personal story at Prose of Pie. It’s like The Moth where people tell true stories based on a theme. Prose is even better because there is a pie tasting contest. So you get stories and pie! Yes!

I’ve told stories before but never my own or in front of actual storytellers. I was really nervous and I wasn’t sure I was going to do well and I didn’t invite anyone I knew to come in case I bombed.

I really wanted to get it over with and I was placed absolutely last to go. Ugh! The wait was a bit torture but while I was impatiently waiting my turn, I took the time to observe the other storytellers and made mental notes on how to improve my story. That coupled with practicing all week and getting coached by the producer of the event made my story a stellar success when I told it. And now, of course I want to do it more often.

What have you afraid to do but have been putting off until you are ready or the fear passes?

This month is Women’s History Month, I am so excited! And to celebrate, each week we are going to learn about a courageous, confident and charismatic woman you probably haven’t heard of before. These bold and brazen women have led some interesting, and in some cases illegal lives.

First up! Elizabeth Jane Cochrane aka Nellie Bly, pioneer of investigative journalism.


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