How have you limited yourself?

Every third Sunday of the month my mother and I go to Inspirica and serve dinner for the homeless women and men that live on campus. We serve the same thing, which has become a hit, with the staff even wanting us to save them a plate. My mother makes macaroni and cheese, and I make barbecue chicken, we also have salad, cookies and rolls.  

This month, marks nine years I have been doing this. And I’ll be honest, I’m always thinking , I do not feel like cooking all this food or going, especially when it’s cold. But once I am there, I see they are enjoying the food, and they appreciative I’m always glad I did it.

Are you volunteering your time or money to any organizations? I think it’s important to share our talents, time and gifts for causes we believe in.

Today on A Stellar Day…
Over the last two weeks, you were reminded of the love you had for yourself as a child, then we talked about when your feelings started to change. This week, I want to know the many ways you tried to control your body to make it do what you wanted it to do.

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