When did everything change?

So did you hear the news?  Sports Illustrated featured it’s very first plus-sized model! She’s wears a size 12. Really? That’s plus-size? The average American woman wears a size 14, which is the size I wear so the average American is a plus- size.

In case you are not aware, that average model tends to be between a size 0 and 4. And there is a tiny percentage of women who are naturally that size. And there are women working so hard to get to a size that’s not for them, and then believing they are just not starving themselves enough or working out enough or have enough willpower. It’s none of that, your body just can’t do that!

Why do we even have the term plus-size? Plus what? Why can’t they just be called models? Just a thought, is there such a thing as a plus-size model for men? When I put in the term plus-size model under the image search, I only found one male photo, and when I clicked to see where it led I found an article titled, “Where Are All the Plus-Size Male Models?” In the article the writer asked an agency if they had any plus-size male models. The answer was no because there isn’t a demand for them.  People don’t tend to care that much about male fashion unfortunately. The scrutiny is saved for women.

Women s Ideal Body Types Throughout History   YouTube
You know, the current image of beauty for women has not always been this way. The standards have changed throughout history. It’s grouped by eras. Check out this video to see what Heroin Chic era looked like. I didn’t even know it was a thing. But this video goes to show that what is in now, will not always be in. Things change.


Today on A Stellar Day…

Last week I asked you to go back in time to when you were younger and in love with yourself. Did you actually do it? I did. Today, we dive a bit deeper into your past training of how you have conditioned yourself to think about your body, and ask when did everything change and you started to see yourself differently.

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