Love Yourself Lessons: Stop Stressing About Dressing with Scarlett De Bease

Have you ever said to yourself “I have nothing to wear” or “I hate my clothes”?

Well you are in luck.

This week, Love Yourself Lessons is back with Scarlett De Bease, Image Stylist. She’s made it her mission to teach women what wear so they can stop stressing about dressing.

During this fun interview with Scarlett, you’ll learn:

  • the first thing you should do to makeover your wardrobe
  • what items are okay to splurge on
  • how to select clothes that flatter your figure
  • mistakes you’re probably making when choosing clothes
  • and other helpful hints to help you showcase your personality


What is your favorite item to splurge on?

About ChaChanna

  • Carol Custus

    Very informative.

    • ChaChanna

      Thank you for listening! What was your favorite tip?

      • Carol Custus

        Not to buy the same item in multi colors. I do that all the time.