Get Out of Your Own Way

The only one getting in your way of getting exactly what you want is you. It’s important you realize that and take responsibility for what you are allowing to happen in your life. In today’s episode, find out how you can stop sabotaging and move on.

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  • Kadija

    Your story has given me lots of inspiration, I have always put everyone before me since I was in my teens, now im 47yrs old and cant get rid of this habit no matter how much I try, I just want to prove to my family that I can do it, even when im not well or stressed out I put a front and pretend im ok.
    This weekend took a turn when I felt so ill, stomach cramps and nausea, im also going thru the changes, my weight has gone up im mostly feeling down but pretend im ok, I feel sad and depressed but cannot talk to my family or my partner about how I feel, everyone expects too much of me, im always trying to help, my partner thinks im a superhuman, just provide, deal with all the stresses of day to day life and and go out of my way to make sure everyone is taken care of.
    Past few months I have not been sleeping well, I feel tired but get panics when I fall asleep, my heart feels like its stopping or beating too fast and it wakes me up, if I talk to my partner he thinks im just looking for attention, now its sad that I cant express how I feel with him…
    Your story has given me inspiration to change, hopefully I can help myself.

  • ChaChanna

    Kadija! I’m glad that you are realizing you need to take care of yourself and starting to take steps to get there. And if your partner doesn’t understand right now then find someone you can talk to, maybe a close friend who you are comfortable sharing with and who has earned the right to hear your story.

    Continue being loving to yourself.