Is it Time for You to Make a Change?

DecideYouWantItIn the New England part of the United States, the leaves are changing, it’s getting darker earlier and the weather is brisk. And, in the spirit of the changing seasons, I chopped off my locs.

This was a scary decision but needed. I’m not in love with it yet but to get the full story of why I made the decision and how you can make your own big changes, listen to my podcast A Stellar Day with ChaChanna.


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  • Kai

    It’s so funny the relationship we have with our hair. I got the same questioning when I chopped off my hair many moons ago.
    It was stressful the day of “the cutting” ha ha.

    Congrats on your new hair journey. 🙂

    I’m currently facing fears around taking the next steps in my career now that I’ve created some momentum. I know it’s going to be great but still… Scary. 🙂

    Such a fan of facing fears. So glad you’ve challenged people with this.

    • ChaChanna

      Glad to know I wasn’t the only one freaking out about the “big chop.” I am really starting to finally like my hair, and getting used to seeing the new me in the mirror.

      It’s so exciting when you are planning the thing you are working on, planting seeds and then all of a sudden they start to bloom and you’re overwhelmed and scared. Congrats on now reaping what you have sewn.

      Continue to stare those fears down until they cower. So excited to see what’s next for you. Thanks for stopping by!