Let go of the resentment



When you are people pleaser, you live to give. It’s exhausting and at the same time you are training people what to expect from you. So, if you are like most people pleasers you do things automatically to help. But then they start to expect you to do these things all the time. So because you want to please you continue to do it, and instead of speaking up, you will rearrange or cancel plans for yourself to do these tasks for others.

And then you start to feel resentment because you don’t feel your efforts are appreciated. Well, that’s totally your fault. The other person most times has NO idea what you are CHOOSING to give up so you can do this task. And you know why? Because they are not mind readers, they have no idea what is on your schedule. So let go of the resentment you are building up. Instead, speak up and say when you can’t or don’t want to do a certain task. It’s okay to say no and do what makes you happy first.

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