Love your body as it is.



Have you ever looked in the mirror and been disgusted by what you see? I hate to admit, but I have. And after you have hurt your own feelings by all the unflattering words & thoughts you’ve hurled at it, how does that make you feel?

I find that being offended, disgusted, disappointed, and turned off by your own body does not make you lose weight, or look better.

Let’s start loving our bodies, as beautifully imperfect as they are. It’s hard to do, I know, because you are comparing yourself to the weight you were a couple of months ago (my issue) or you are comparing your weight to a friend’s or a celebrity, etc.

You are okay right where you are. You really are. Why are you putting this self-imposed weight guideline on yourself. Who said you MUST be at this “ideal” weight? What are you expecting to happen when you get to this weight? Why can’t it happen in your life right now?

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