Stop being miserable

It’s spring time. Yay! I’m so excited! And, during this time we tend to do some spring cleaning. I know I do. I clean my apartment, my car, and this year, I’m really focusing on my health and getting back to the gym now that I’m boot free.

Today, I want to talk about you cleaning up the relationships in your life, especially the romantic ones. Some of you are in relationships that are feeling one-sided. You’re doing all the calling, planning, loving, caring, etc., and you’re starting to get a bit ticked off by it.

But yet, you won’t leave.

Nope, you’re waiting for something. Waiting for them to care or to return the affection. And, because I have been there and done that, I can say with confidence that who they are now is not going to change. If you are in a relationship with someone romantic or platonic and you find you are the only one putting in all the work, you have three options.

1.) Stay there and be upset forever when you never get back what you are putting in
2.) Talk to them about the imbalance
3.) Leave and find someone who will give you what you need to be happy in your relationship

I know it’s not easy but if you are not happy, it’s something that must be done. No matter how much time you have put into the relationship, nothing is worth you being miserable.

You can be miserable all by yourself.


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