About Your Weight: Only One Opinion Matters

Young Girl Playing By HerselfFor the next six weeks, I am sporting the latest in aircast fashion. I have to say my current situation of limited mobility is a huge learning experience for me. I am forced to slow down, literally and am not attending any networking events, except for my weekly BNI meeting.

I must say I’m getting used to not having to run from one event to the next but what’s really bugging me is not being able to go to the gym, especially my beloved Zumba class but alas, my doctor told me that’s not allowed. And as a result of not being able to make it to the gym, I sometimes slip into mindhoarding about my body.

But recently I had a thought: Who am I trying to impress? Who is really paying attention to me to notice every ounce I put on but me? No one. No one cares but me because everyone else is  wrapped up in how they believe they are being perceived by others.

If we are all freaking out about our weight because we are envisioning what everyone else is thinking, we are totally wasting our time.

Only one opinion matters
So, when you are getting down on yourself about your weight, ask yourself, why? What difference does it really make? When you take an honest look at yourself, do you really feel you look unattractive? Deep dow
n, aren’t you really okay with the way you look but allowing outside influences to taint your view (magazines, Internet, TV, etc.) of how you “should” look? I have but not anymore.

Who is really paying attention to you like that? And if you’re thinking your spouse, children, friends, etc. who are well meaning but shoving their beliefs on you, tell them to mind their own business. When my grandmother was alive she would always tell me to stop eating when she thought I was heavier than I should be. But then when I would lose weight she threatened to feed me because I was wasting away.

The point: People will ALWAYS have something to say about you so if you are looking to please others, you’ll never win. So don’t worry about what they are saying. The voice you have to work on is the one in your head.

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  • Lisa Corrado

    Great message, ChaChanna! It’s true: no one is paying as much attention to how we look as we think, so look inward.