Stop doing the same thing over and over and over and….



You can’t continue behaving and doing the same thing and expecting changes to miraculously happen. Well, technically you can but that is just ridiculous. But yet, that is how we live our lives and it happens in every area of our lives.

In your relationships, you date the same exact type of person or continue the same destructive behavior and think for some reason the results will be different only to find the relationship is just as unfulfilling as the previous one.

In your health, you go on crash diets, resisting certain foods only to gain the weight right back on when you return to your normal eating habits. But no, you always think, this time will be different. Yeah, right.

In your career, you are not happy, feel like you’re not getting the money you deserve but you don’t say anything. Wait, you do but not to anyone who can actually do anything to change the current situation.

In your finances you’ve decided you want to save more, pay off debt but you don’t budget, you don’t monitor your money and continue to buy things on a whim.

In your spirituality, you want to be a more positive and happy person but you still participate in vicious gossip, and hang around people who enjoy complaining and are not interested in actually improving their situation.

I know you know this and have heard it before but since we need to hear things over and over before it sinks in: You can’t control situations you can only control how you react and respond to them. But yet, when we are in the cycle we allow our outside circumstances to control our lives.  

So stop giving your power over to situations and playing a victim. About that job, change the way you approach it. Instead of dreading it and the time you have there, speak up on what you want to change, look for a new job, stop participating in the watercooler complaining party, focus on the parts you actually enjoy about your job (how can you do more of that?), or think of something else you could do. You have tons of options. You don’t have to be a victim of this.

Open yourself up to the options available to you, choose one and test it out. If it doesn’t work out that’s okay, pick another.

Because staying in the same mindframe and taking the same actions is not going to help or change the situation. It hasn’t so far so why are you driving down the same road and expecting to arrive at a totally different location?

You always have a choice.

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