Let Go and Move On

Countryside as Seen from a Moving Train


So this year, you’re releasing the queen. And I’m sure you’re finding it’s not as easy to keep Her Majesty in her throne.

And it’s probably because you are reliving and emotionally experiencing what you’ve done  (and wish you didnt’) last year and beyond.

And yes, I know you’ve done some things you wish you didn’t, and you’ve said some things you wish you hadn’t but you know what? You can’t change it. So what are you going to do: worry about it, torture yourself about what you could have, should have, would have done differently?

I truly hope not.

Yes, you screwed up, did something you feel now was wrong. But on the bright side (there is always a bright side, you just have to look for it.) is that with each experience we learn something and we grow. You’ve been there, done that and sure as heck won’t do it again, right? Right!

So, I can say with confidence that you are not the same person who did that thing so stop punishing the new you you’re working to emerge with the mishaps the old you did. It’s not fair.

You simply can’t grow if you’re holding on to the weeds of the past.

Begin to move on by starting to allow yourself to realize who you were then is not who you are today!

At any moment you get to decide who you want to be. It’s time to take control, let go, move on and grow.

What are you deciding for this moment?

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