Return to the Throne

Do you realize how powerful you are? When you were born you were crowned ruler of your own personal kingdom. You were never meant to relinquish the control to anyone because it belongs to you. In this week’s vlog, I recite my best poem yet,  Release the Queen!


How are you planning to unleash the Queen in 2013?

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  • Janeane Davis

    I like your idea that we are born into royalty. It falls in line with my Christian upbringing, that we are royalty because we are children of The King.

  • This reminds me of Donald Lawrence song “seasons.” Instead of “walk into your season”, it’s more like “walk into your royalty!”

  • Jordan Muse

    I think for me to “unleash the Queen” i have to do a WAY better job managing my emotions when it comes to friends and…of course guys..that way I’ll have more time to focus on the business and activities that I want to do and I will enjoy!

  • you are such a cutie!
    PLEASE LISTEN TO HER. You need to be the Queen! I was able to stop being the court jester a few years ago and i see a big difference in myself. DO WHAT SHE SAYS: VALUE YOURSELF.