20/30 Coaching Extravaganza

I’m totally excited to share with you my 20/30 Extravaganza! I am going to coach 20 people in 30 days and I’m hoping one of them will be you! If you’ve ever wanted to know what coaching is all about, how it works and if it can work for you, this is your opportunity to give it a shot at no cost to you. I won’t even try to upsell you.

To get started, all ya gotta do is schedule your session by clicking on this link or the button. You’ll get 60 minutes to talk all about you, what you’re going through, what limitations you are experiencing and we can begin exploring options for you to move forward.

Sessions can be over the phone or Skpye. You let me know and I’m there.

But I am only offering 20 spots so why not claim yours right now instead of procrastinating which is something you are probably stellar at. If you are thinking, “Oh, that’s something I’d like to try.” Then click below and schedule your session right now. Don’t overthink it! Just do it. A part of you is looking for some help, you probably asked the universe for it this morning. Well, this is how it’s showing up.

Why wait for something you said you needed right now? And, it’s not even going to cost you anything.

So, why am I doing this?

Well, I really want to help you get out of their own way, stop constantly making excuses for why things are not the way  you want, and stop waiting to be happy with your life.

I must state that we will not be able to change your life in this one-hour session but I do want you to know and feel it is possible to make a change, right now, to create your version of a stellar life.  

I can write all the blogs I want, post all the inspirational videos in the world and say all the motivational phrases to get you going all I want, but I can’t actually do the work for you. If I could, I would but if you don’t actually start taking the steps you’re life is going to stay exactly the same. Guarantee it!

So, if that’s not actually what you want then set up a session with me and we can start to get you a little unstuck! I want to show you that you don’t have to stay where you are and there are many opportunities out there for you to start redesigning your life. All you have to do is say yes to showing up and take a step to being the ruler of your life.

So, if this sounds like something you would like, please schedule your session. If it’s not something you want that’s stellar too. I ask that you pass this offer on to other stellar women you know who might.

And, I have a bonus! I know a bonus to go with something that’s free, that’s weird. The first two people to sign up will get a free Superwoman Complex Assessment. This assessment will show you handle your life day to day and when you are under stress. It can be quite eye opening when you see the results. 

  • I am signed up and ready! Can’t wait, our sessions in the past were always such a great help to me!

  • After reading all of this I am so hyped about the call. Excited to the core!

  • ChaChanna

    Yay! I am so excited to work with both you and looking forward to our calls. It’s going to be stellar! Please keep spreading the word!

  • This is an awesome offering deary! I’m sure the women you help in just those 60 minutes will even be a blessing for them! Sharing it on!