Is it hard to be you?

Have you ever uttered this phrase out loud or even just thought it in your head?

My 26th year on the planet, I was freelancing editing. I had just ended my relationship with someone I thought was going to be “The One.” My money was low and I was not sure what the heck I was doing with my life and I was scared I wasn’t going to be able to keep my apartment.

My family wanted me to take my life in one direction and I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that or actually what the heck I wanted to do in general. I found myself uttering, “It’s so hard to be me” a lot. I honestly believed it. And it was because I was trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations I felt they had for me. I was a champion chameleon and would fit into whatever role I thought I was supposed to be with whoever I was in the presence of. It was exhausting.

After catching myself saying this frequently, I asked myself why the heck was it so hard to be me? I looked at how I conducted myself in all my relationships and how I was being. I asked: Why am I pretending to be someone I am not?

The most important realization I made was when I asked myself who told me they expected me to be this way? And the answer was no one. I completely made up or behaved who I thought they wanted me to be but no one ever requested a certain behavior of me.

Once I realized I created this mess, it was much easier for me to let go of being hard to be me and just be me.

Now, on to you! Do you feel that it’s hard to be you? It’s probably because you are also living by someone else’s rules. And most times, you set a standard for how you are to operate in your life and relationships but no one actually suggested or stated that you behave that way. And if they did and it’s not who you really are, that’s a totally different newsletter.

Bottomline: It should never be hard to be you. If you can’t be you then who is it easy to be?
Saying it’s hard to be me is you saying that it’s too hard to be someone you really are not because when you are being you, it’s natural. It just happens without guarding your reactions and comments.

Your stellar assignment
Decide who you are and who you want to be.


Are you being or have you ever been someone you are really not to please someone else?

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  • Anna Runyan

    Take time knowing yourself first. I’ve known myself and am an introvert but I pushed myself to be the person that I wanted to be and that’s how I step out of my comfort zone and be who I am today.

  • ChaChanna

    Stellar! Yes, it is important to know who you are.