Welcome Your Majesty!

Thanks for taking the time to log on to my site. What you saw on the bookmark is only a summary of the releasing the Queen inside of you. And, here I want to fully explain the greatness that is buried inside of you…

You, my star, have a Queen inside of you. You’ve trained yourself to suppress her but every so often she is able to return to her throne. And when she is in power, you are cool, collected, and confident but for some reason you never let her stay. You remove her from the throne and seat the court jester. The jester is the butt of jokes and takes abuse from the King and other nobles, and if the jester is not entertaining they are killed.

So, you go around bowing to the whims of others to make them feel better, never speaking up for yourself, and hiding your talents for fear they will judge you and abandon you. This behavior is beneath you and not befitting of the Queen inside.

From one Queen to another, I command you to release the Queen. A Queen doesn’t have time to be self conscious, indecisive, and meek. She has a kingdom to protect. Your kingdom includes your life, your dreams, your body, and your mind. You have to protect it with everything you’ve got. A Queen also has no problem speaking her mind, politely and with authority, and asking–no more like demanding what she wants. What’s more, she expects to get it and if she doesn’t, off with their head!

It’s time to permanently return the Queen to her throne.

And it’s not going to be easy because right now, you’re running around like crazy trying to do everything for everyone else, getting the groceries, picking up the kids, running errands for your organization, making dinner, going to the gym, [fill in your never ending to do list]. You are freaking exhausted. I know you are. Me too! We women struggle to say no, ask for help and make time for ourselves.

We have somehow allowed society to program us to believe our job is to play the martyr in our relationships. So we tend to automatically take on everything on our own. “I am woman, hear me roar.” I’m truly not sure where this idea came from that we have to be able to handle everything but that is just truly ridiculous. Come on, aren’t you tired of trying to do everything yourself? I know I am.

So, I created a business to help you escape the cape and free you from your Superwoman Complex!

There are many different avenues for you to get what you need to go from the life you are living to a life you truly love.

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