What opportunities are you ignoring?

Last week, before I left the house to meet up with my friends, I asked the Universe to introduce me to a man or present an opportunity. I looked really good, well I always do. While shoveling down my dinner, a gentleman came up to me and said that I had to be the prettiest woman in the restaurant. I smiled, genuinely thanked him and went back to my meal.

Later on my friends were annoying me saying I should have given him my number, he wasn’t bad looking, etc. Can I tell you I barely remember what he looked like? I do remember seeing gray hair and then I dismissed him.

I asked for the opportunity. I received the opportunity. I ignored the opportunity.

I have to admit for the rest of the evening I was starting to feel regret and realized that I do that A LOT when it comes to dating. With using Match.com, I take one look and don’t even bother to read the profile if he doesn’t have a certain look. So, I’m deciding to ease up and give more guys a chance because I could really be missing out on something wonderful.

In fact, now I spend about 15 minutes in the morning looking at profiles and sending emails. I’m working on not eliminating someone because he doesn’t fit the box I have prepared for him to fit in. This has really opened up my options and led me to actually enjoy the process a bit by not being so judgmental.

But for you, what opportunities have you asked for and then they showed up but because it didn’t look exactly the way you wanted, you totally ignored it? It doesn’t have to be dating, it’s in all areas in your life. Trust me, if you are doing it in one area in your life you are doing it in all of them.

 Your stellar assignment

Stop turning your nose up at the opportunities in your life that you asked for! What opportunities are you missing out on right now because it’s not appearing exactly the way you asked for it?

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