Do you know when it’s time to let go?

What or who are you holding on to way past the expiration date?

We tend to keep people and relationships in our lives beyond their usefulness. When it’s a person or relationship, we rationalize that because we’ve known this person for so long or we’ve been in this relationship for years we should make every effort to keep reviving it.

Just because something or someone has been in your life for years does not mean you are obligated to continue on. If the relationship or the person in your life is no longer useful or a positive experience, why would you want to keep them around?

There is no prize at the end for sticking it out, only regret, pain and wasted time. People and relationships grow and change so what was a perfect fit back in the day may no longer suit you today! And that’s okay.

I believe it’s imperative to take an inventory your life every now and then and reassess the relationships, people and things in your life. Because if you are crowding your life with things and people who are doing anything for you, you won’t have room to let in the new and beautiful experiences and opportunities that are trying to get to you.

Your stellar assignment 

Ask yourself, but you probably already know, what or who are you holding on to? It could be an old belief or fear that is holding you back from stepping out of your comfort zone. It could be a friend or lover or family member that is just toxic in your life. Release it all so you can let in room for something or someone amazing to fill the space or just enjoy having less clutter and stress  in your life. The choice, after all, is always yours!

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