Stellar Sundays: Choices

For this week, I want you to focus on this quote: “At any moment, at any time, you have the power to make this moment whatever you want to be.” Keep it somewhere you will see it every day, whether it’s on your computer, or a reminder on your calendar, on your dry erase board, or on a sticky note in your wallet.

So, when things are going down the toilet, and you find yourself in the depths of despair, you can focus on turning things around. But I want to note that I am quite aware that before you start wanting to turn things around you are going to work yourself into a frenzy, it happens to all of us. We tend to take a situation and blow it out of proportion and create the absolute worst scenario until we ultimately feel like crap. Or am I unanimous in this?

But eventually, there comes a point when you’ve had enough of travelling down that sad, miserable, destitute, barren path. And you’re finally ready to enter back to the light. When that happens, I want you to look at your quote and then see your situation from a different angle and just realize that this, all of this, even your time on this planet is temporary.

And you can chose to continue to be mad, upset, distracted by someone or a situation or you can decide you’ve had enough and are ready to move on. And I know it’s easier said than done because when you are in the thick of it you are not trying to hear how this is only temporary and you have choices. You’re upset, angry, worried, scared now. But I’d encourage you to give this a shot. It’s not going to happen easily at first but over time if you’re committed to changing your life, you will find yourself automatically switching to this mode.

It all comes down to you because you are the only one who decides how your life will be either by default or on purpose.

So what life are you currently choosing to create?

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