30 Videos in 30 Days All for YOU!

Today I want to let you know what we’ll be discussing all this month. I have accepted Monique Johnson’s 30 Videos in 30 Days starting, Sunday, July 9. So, you’ll get to see me every day for 30 days, aren’t you excited? I know I am.

So what are we going to be talking about 30 days? Some of you sent in suggestions and I appreciate your feedback. The best way I thought to organize this information was to have a different theme every day.

Stellar Sundays
I’ll give you something to reflect on throughout your week.

Storytelling Mondays
We’ll talk about the stories we tell ourselves and how these brilliant pieces of fiction are totally holding us back.

Loving Tuesdays
We’ll cover different relationships: familial, platonic, and romantic.

Goal-setting Wednesdays
You’ll pick a goal to work on throughout the month and I’ll give you a process to break it down.

Forgiving Thursdays
We’ll go over what is forgiveness, what is not and how to give it to yourself.

People Pleasing Fridays
We’ll talk about the different ways women are people pleasers and how to slowly begin escaping the trap.

Social Stigma Saturdays
We’ll talk about things society shames us into believing are taboo and how this false information is keeping you from being the stellar woman you are.

We have A TON of stuff to go over and everything we talk about is designed to strengthen your confidence, self love and create the life you really deserve. Are ya with me?

The videos will actually start a day ahead because July 9 is on a Monday and we can’t start the week without our affirmation/reflection. That’s unheard of. So, we will begin on Sunday, July 9.

If you don’t want to miss a stellar episode, sign up to my youtube channel at youtube.com/astellarday and you’ll be notified when they are uploaded.

That’s all I have for you right now. I look forward to connecting with you all through July!


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