Where’s your happy place?

Last week, I had the honor of getting a make-up makeover by Melissa DiScala, a professional make-up artist. Well really I just got my make-updone because I rarely wear make-up so technically I guess I can’t call it a make-up makeover.

Anywho, as she was mixing and brushing all over my face, I noticed she was smiling and humming the whole time. I’ve never seen her so happy. She was absolutely in her happy place. And, I loved being a part of it.

It got me thinking about my own happy place. I have many happy places (there is no rule that says it has to be just one). So here are three of my happy places:

  • When I’m in Zumba class, but it’s not just any Zumba class. It’s the combination of my favorite instructors, the music, my friends (maybe my brother) that makes it perfect!
  • In a class learning something new. And, it’s not just learning anything at all. It’s when I am learning something about business, personal development, new grammar rules, or history. 
  • Coaching a client
  • Coming home to a clean apartment with a whole evening to myself, a small sausage pizza, cookie dough cupcake from Crumbs (my nutritionist probably isn’t happy about that but I don’t visit that place on a regular basis) and Netflix. That is my happiest place. EVER!

These are a few of my happy places and actually I smile just thinking about them. We all have and are familiar with our unhappy place that we seem magnetized and drawn to. We go to it almost anytime something comes up that would put us out of our comfort zone (we’ll talk about that some other time). But this issue, I want to focus on happy places because that’s just much more fun, isn’t it?
If you’re having a difficult time finding your happy place or haven’t visited there in a long time and want to, I’d love to chat with you to see how I can help you get back to happy. Check out my coaching program to see if it’s for you. If it is then let’s get acquainted.  


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