Lessons from a Car

When you ask for something it’s delivered but many times not in the way you envisioned. Be open or you’ll miss it.

About two years ago, Eric (my partner in crime for over nine years) broke up with me. We had irreconcilable differences; I thought he should keep working and he didn’t agree. No matter how many times we talked about it he just refused to see eye-to-eye with me. So, I stopped fighting and let him go.

I’ll tell you what happened: All I wanted to do that day was go home after work. Instead, a block before I reached my destination, my car (Eric) died. I’m talking, stopped in the middle of the road and even the hazard lights were not working dead. Being the positive thinker that I am, I immediately freaked out, got pissed, and started thinking how my weekend plans and life were now ruined, forever. Then I realized what I was doing and slowly started to bring myself out of it, and believe me it was difficult, especially after I also locked myself out of the car. So, car is dead, locked out of car and it’s raining, hard. Best. Friday. Night. Ever.

I called my mommy because genius over here let her AAA membership lapse, which has since been corrected. Big help that is to me now! (I find it interesting that I kept my phone in my hands, but not the keys when I came out the car. I might have a problem, but that’s for another day.)

I had the car towed to AutoZone to recharge the battery. Car running, yay!

That night, my mother told me that I needed to get a new car. I didn’t want to hear it. It wasn’t part of my plan to get a new car yet. Eric was fine, he just needed some lovin’. He’d be fine.

Saturday morning, on my way to mechanic from the DMV because Friday morning I lost my license. My car dies AGAIN. And again it dies, only a block away from my destination.

Final analysis is that I had a bad battery. Since the battery was only two months old, I was able to get it switched out for a brand new one. Car running again, yay!

But to be honest, I no longer felt safe in Eric, our trust was broken now. And then, Tuesday, on my way home, the radio started cutting off, the battery light came on again and everything was starting to blink. I was determined to make it home this time and I did, pulled into a parking space just in time for the car to totally cut off.

So, I give up. If he doesn’t want me, I don’t want him, either! Now, I’m looking for my next partner.

This whole situation made me think.

  • I’ve actually been wanting a new car for about a year.  And I’ve always said that I would drive Eric until he no longer worked. Then when the opportunity presented itself, when I was getting what I asked for, I didn’t want it or didn’t see that I was getting what I asked for.

Has that ever happened to you? You focus on what you want and it finally presents itself and what do you do? You say, oh, no, this is not the right time or you completely don’t see that your request has been answered and brush it off. Why? Because it didn’t come at the exact moment you asked for it and it didn’t come the exact way you wanted or planned it.

  • And how many times in my life have I held on to something or someone who is not supposed to be in my life but I just kept holding on because, well, I’m stubborn. I found the answer is too many times to count and apparently, I never really got the message.

Your stellar assignment

I truly believe that everything you ask for you get, good and bad. We so willingly accept and expect the bad but when the good comes around we go blind. Don’t continue this pattern, learn from my mistake and take some time today and think:

  • What do I really want, right now, at this very moment?
  • (Not what you think you should want or someone told you to want)
  • Has it already presented itself to me and I pushed it away?
    (Maybe you’ve been asking for a life partner and someone has shown interest in  you but you brushed them off because you decided it wasn’t the right time.)
  • Who or what am I holding on to in my life that is not serving me in reaching my goals?

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  • Aaliyah Miller

    I remember this post, a worthwhile lesson to be learned. I’m glad I reread it:)