Start to live a life of gratitude one day at a time

“If you are thankful for what you have you will always have more.”– Oprah

This weekend, I watched Oprah’s Lifeclass season finale online, Mastering the Art of Gratitude.

I had heard of showing gratitude and saying thank you before, we all have. Our parents teach us when we’re young to say thank you when we receive something or someone does something nice for us.  But that’s not the gratitude Oprah was referring to. She and her Master Lifeclass Teachers were talking about being thankful, every day for everyday things.

Why be grateful?
It’s easy to be grateful when everything is stellar in your life. The challenge is being grateful when things are not going your way. Being grateful allows you to shift your focus from what you feel is going wrong in your life (which only actually makes you feel worse) or what you don’t have to what you do have and is actually going stellar in your life. Even if it’s for a moment.

You don’t have to walk around grinning like an idiot voicing what you are grateful for and shoving it down people’s throats nor are you required to start hugging trees because you are grateful they exist. Oprah said that when you go through the day looking for things to be grateful for you become more receptive to the good in your life. I like that thought because there is always something in every moment to appreciate. You may not see it in the unsettling moments but there is always a lesson to be learned. It’s not easy to do. Gratitude is a habit. And that’s stellar because habits can be formed.

Your stellar assignment

Let’s do this together for the month of May and see how it goes.

1.) You’re going to need to get a journal to record the things you are thankful for. It doesn’t have to be fancy but if that inspires you then go for it. I bought a Gratitude Journal this weekend at Barnes & Noble but the link is to Amazon so you can see the pages inside.

2.) Decide on the frequency. Are you going to start daily (I am) or do you want to take it slow and write three days a week or once a week?

3.) How many things are you going to list? Don’t be wishy-washy and say as many as I can think of. Set a number of things to look forward to appreciating throughout your day! I am going to go with five. You may choose one, three, five or ten. You’re choice but choose!

4.) If you want to share your journal or what your strategy is or if you’re already keeping a gratitude journal, I’d love to hear about your progress.

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