It’s your life and it’s okay to change your mind at any time

Sometimes we change our minds on what we want our lives to look like when we grow up and it’s okay. Many times we start in one direction, career, relationship, way of thinking and then something happens and we decide where we are and what we have is not actually as fulfilling as we originally thought. And when you feel this shift happen, you might feel a bit nervous to tell those close to you and are used to you being a certain way.

But when you feel absolutely passionate about this new vision of yourself, career, relationship, etc. you won’t be phased and when you share your new vision they will see and feel your passion. Now that doesn’t mean that everyone will be on board with this new idea and that’s okay too. They don’t have to be. It would be stellar if they were but ultimately it’s your life.

I also want to point out that it doesn’t matter if you’ve changed your mind quite a few times. We only have this one life to find out what will make us happy and until you explore your options, you can’t know for sure whether something will work out for you or not. And if you decide you rather stay in the safety net of what you know than step out into the unknown that is your choice. We all have our own paths to walk down. You’ll move when the fear of not going for it outweighs the comfort of where you are.

Your stellar assignment

  • What are you feeling extremely excited about that you are too afraid to share with someone?
  • Why are you afraid to tell them?
  • With you not sharing this, is it holding you back from really going after what you know will make you happy?
  • What are you going to do about it?

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