While growing your business don’t forget about your friends and family


When you are obsessed about growing your business it’s easy to forget about your friends and family. And although I’m sure they understand you are focused. I’m sure they sure would still love to hear from you, see you, and spend time with you. Unless they don’t like you or you are slowly transition away from them, then never mind. We’ll talk about that in another video.

When you are focused on anything, doesn’t even have to be your business, it could be working out, a new relationship, going to school or engrossed in a new hobby. It’s easy to get totally caught up in what you are doing and let everything else can slip your mind. You figure when you get to a certain point, then you’ll start seeing friends and family or maybe they are not even a thought. It happens because we tend to take for granted they will always be there.  But as your business grows, you develop the body you want, you become an expert in your hobby,  there will always be another level, another project, another something that will occupy your time. And, I’m definitely speaking from experience, I am always getting carried away with my work.

So, if you are as guilty as me then I suggest you start etching your family and friends in your calendar and set aside time to spend with them.

So your assignment this week, is easy. Stop right now and call someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile  and catch up. It’s easy because I’d hate to see you reach the top and have no one to celebrate with because you’d been ignoring them for so long they no longer care about you.

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