Successful Women Entrepreneurs Ask

Over the past couple weeks, I profiled successful women entrepreneurs in honor of Women’s History Month. Through Madam C.J. Walker, Clara Barton & Sara Blakely’s stories I wanted to show you want confidence and determination can do.

These women did not come from wealth already, they built it from their own blood, sweat, tears, time and effort. They all created something out of nothing but a passion to serve. So, if they can do it, there is no reason you can’t have the stellar business you are after.

Everything you need to create the stellar business you want is inside of you, whether you believe it or not. You were born with. You’re probably asking: “Well, ChaChanna, if it’s in me then why am I not experiencing the success I want?” Stellar question!

It’s because you are not asking. These successful women entrepreneurs just had the courage to ask and put themselves and their ideas out there. That’s it! They didn’t let the prospect of hearing a no or hearing the actual no stop them from creating the life and business they were after. So in my opinion you need to build up your self-confidence so you will start asking more often for what you want.

Your stellar assignment

  • What do you want?
  • Who do you need to ask to get it?
  • When are you going to ask?

Last week, I was honored to be featured in Anna Runyan’s Classy Career Girl’s Networking Interview Challenge. In this 20-minute interview I shared my best tips for time management and building self-confidence two things that you need to propel you to the stellar business you are after. Check it out to get tips and also let me know what your tips are for time management and strengthen your self-confidence.

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