Making Time for Your Business

As a busy young woman who is on the move to take the world by storm, you no doubt have many other items on your list to conquer. You may be a mother, in a relationship (where your partner actually likes you and wants to be around you, a lot), volunteer in an organization you care about, not to mention you have a full time job. Whew, you keep busy! But you know what? You can’t do it all at the same time.

I’ve mentioned this before and I’m sure I’ll have to do it again but you can’t keep doing everything for everyone else, and putting your business and priorities on the side line and expect it to grow.

Some of you are not finding time for your business because you are to busy putting your energy into someone else’s project or deadline.

So, I’m going to ask you to do something you are probably not going to like: I need you–, no YOU need you to stop accepting projects, helping someone out real quick and basically doing things that are not in your interest.

Yes, I know you want to help, we women are programed that way, but think of someone you were helping because you honestly wanted to help, and it made you feel good. And, now, they are used to you doing and giving so they no longer ask you, they expect you too. And, now you’re feeling some anger and resentment towards them. 

First, realize you created this vicious cycle.
Second, this is stellar news because now you can uncreate it.

So, start setting boundaries, create your business to dos, put them in your calendar. It’s important.  And, if anyone asks you to do something for them, check your schedule FIRST and if it conflicts with your schedule young lady, you are NOT allowed to move your schedule around to accommodate them. That is how you got in this mess in the first place.

Now, you have your assignment. Practice making your business important and schedule your tasks in your daily calendar and keep the appointments. I’m not interested in your excuses, lady! Get it done! You either want this business or you don’t! You decide.

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    Thanks Chachana. The strategy you shared on the video is on target. My strategy is to stop arriving places ahead of time. Being on time is important to me, but getting there with time to spare is time wasting. So now I spend those minutes completing projects or writing an article, using my time for me. Thanks.

    Stephanie Wellington, MD, Success Coach and Mentor

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for visiting the site Stephanie. That is a stellar strategy you have to use the time you are early to be productive. I also can’t stand to be late and often am way too early. I will definitely keep this idea in mind. Thanks!