Money or passion? Why did you start your business?

Confession: I’ve been chasing the money. When I first started this business I was going towards the life coaching and honestly, it was because I thought I would make money faster that way. But the clients I attract are all start-up women entrepreneurs so I slowly started to turn towards the women entrepreneurs who have a full time job and growing a business on the side. But, I was still holding on to the life coaching side because I wanted to keep working with those clients and didn’t want to miss out on the money. Money I wasn’t making because as I mentioned I wasn’t attracting them. For some reason, I believed not many women would come to hear someone speak about business. Life coaching is all the rage right now and I just went towards that.

It’s amazing what you will do to sabotage yourself from reaching success. So, I’m done getting in my way and totally focusing on what’s working. Duh!

I confess all this to you because sometimes you have to look back and really evaluate where you are in your business. Whether you’ve been in business for years, a couple months or are just starting out. Are you in business for the right reason? Are you doing something you actually enjoy?

 Your business agenda

It’s a simple assignment. Just take some time to answer the following questions to be sure you are in the business you want to be in, not the one someone said you should start or you think the money is in.

  • Who is the client you actually love working with?
  • What do you enjoy doing for your client?
  • Are you actually doing that thing they need done? (If you are, stellar for you! Keep doing what you are doing. If not, then you’ll need to decide if you want to keep doing that thing you do or need to make a change.)

Now, there is nothing that says you have to stick with one business and only service one type of client forever. You can have many businesses that reach many different types of people. But you can only focus on one business at a time.

Your turn: Why did you choose the business you are in?


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