Go with the feeling

Sometimes things happen that make you completely happy, sad, angry, indifferent, whatever. And, especially when you are angry people always try to make you feel better. They mean well, but don’t you have those times when you just really want to feel that pure unadulterated rage? (Am I alone in this?)

This happened to me just last week. At my job we switched offices. The one I was in for four years had a huge window that I was stare out of from time to time. But we got a new writer in our department and he couldn’t fit in our office so we had to move. I’m not in an office with no window. I was furious that day. I couldn’t even speak.  Usually, when I feel the rage creeping up I work on letting it go but that day I just totally went for it. I didn’t want anyone to tell me it was only temporary or it was going to be okay, or to try and get me to look on the bright side. Screw that! I was upset and I was going to stay that way, darn it! So, you know what? Nothing, I just reveled and wrapped myself right up in my anger. Because I knew eventually, I was going to get a serious headache or get tired of being mad. And, once that happened then I’d be ready to let it go.

It’s another way to think of that phrase, “What you resists persists.” Sometimes you really try hard to think of the bright side or use some of those recommended exercises to calm yourself down. But they don’t always work, do they? In those cases, I say just go with the flow.

Your opportunity this week

Next time you are upset. Don’t fight it. Just go with it especially when you have done everything you know to stop from feeling that way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with totally surrendering and allowing yourself to experience how you want to feel. (Unless expressing how you feel is going to hurt someone else in some way.)

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