Business Basics: Focus on what’s working and then do more of that

This is a lesson I had to learn quickly. When you are growing your business, you are always moving on to the next stellar thing that you read/heard somewhere that will get you clients/customers quickly. And, it can be very tempting to add on more marketing ideas into the pot without taking the time to figure out what is working and then doing more of that.

Right now, I am working on a big goal for my business and I want results, yesterday. So, I was thinking of all the other ideas I could incorporate, instead of just focusing on what is currently working in my marketing. When finally, I said, “You know what ChaChanna? How about you stop reinventing the wheel and just put more effort into what is working for you?” (Yes, I often talk to myself, out loud and sometimes in public. Don’t judge me too harshly because I know you do it too!) The key is to figure out what is working for YOU that you’ve already seen results from.

Question time:

  • So, what is currently working to get you clients/customers and reaching your business goals?
  • How can you do more of that? Because once you find something that is working, just find out how to get better at it and this marketing thing gets so much easier and enjoyable.

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