Business Basics: What are your priorities for today?

I’ve written before about organizing your to-do list but I don’t believe I really made my point to you or myself. Yes, it’s cute to be organized and have to-do list everywhere but are your list in priority order? Meaning are you working on the things that are going to make you money, first? When you are starting out, your number one priority is to get clients or customers to buy your stuff. Screw the pretty website, the dynamic business cards or waiting for perfection. You need sales. Otherwise you have an expensive time-wasting hobby and that’s now what we are working towards.

Your business agenda

Take an honest look at your list for this week. What tasks are you supposed to be doing that you are so not doing. Should you be making follow-up phone calls, researching places to speak, reaching out to new people in your network, drafting out that new program idea, working on that proposal, surveying your clients to see what they actually want so you can give it to them? Put those things on the top of your list. And, you don’t move on to the next thing until that item is completed. If you want this business to succeed it’s something you are going to have to do. Right now, young lady!

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