Business Basics: Survey your clients

This is super important when you are in business because you may think you’re sure you know what your clients want but until you really ask them, you haven’t a clue. I learned this lesson the hard way with my first business. I gave them what I thought they needed but people rarely buy things they need. They buy what they want. And, you would be surprised at what people actually want enough to whip out their ATM/Debit cards for.

Some feelings I used to feel when I resisted sending a survey was that I was supposed to be the expert so I didn’t have to ask them what they want, I already knew. (I so didn’t) Or, what if I ask how they feel about my services/products and they tell me they hate them? Or, what if they ask for something I have no clue of how to do? And the list went on.

But that was me making my business personal, which is easy to do when you a solopreneur because you are putting your all into this business. It’s your baby so when someone says anything about it you take it as a reflection of you. Or am I unanimous in this thought process?

Instead of thinking of feedback as hearing how you suck at what you do, shift it to what you can learn to grow as a person, enhance your brand, and create a stronger business to serve your clients in a more stellar way. It’s business, not a personal attack.

When you know exactly what your client wants and also how they want it delivered it makes your business much easier and your clients much happier because they will feel you get them. You won’t have to worry if they will buy your product. You’ve already been told by them this is what they want.

Your business action agenda

Create a survey and send it out to your ideal clients. They could be people you already work with or people who you know who fit the profile of your ideal clients. Find out where they hang out (so you can be there, not in a stalkerish kinda way), what their greatest frustration is related to the problem you solve, what would get their attention, how they like to receive information, what they think of your services, what they would like to see more of, etc. And, do it sooner, rather than later because you could be way off the mark and wasting time creating materials for an audience who doesn’t want it. And, that my friend leads to little profits.


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