How do you define reality?

You ever notice reality to some people really sucks?What do I mean? Well, I’ve really started actually listening to what people say when they are talking about their goals. It’s kinda required to be a stellar coach, such as myself. And, I’ve noticed that whenever someone is talking about something they really want but they are afraid to believe will happen, they always throw out phrases like: “In reality this will never happen or the reality of the situation is [insert their fears here], or my favorite (NOT!) I’m just being realistic.” When I hear those phrases, especially the last one, it really makes me angry.

Since when has the word realistic changed from meaning actual or true to never gonna happen? This has led me to wonder exactly how is everyone defining reality because it sounds like reality is where you NEVER get what you want. Who wants to live in that reality? Not me.

Right at this moment, you may not be anywhere near where you want to be but that in NO WAY means you can’t start getting closer. Don’t you dare settle for less than you deserve. Create the reality you want to see and leave that alternative “reality” for someone else.

Your stellar self-love moment

The next time you are thinking or talking about your next goal, stray away from starting ANY sentence that begins…”In reality…” because that is only going to lead you down a negative path. And, if you hear someone else or if you slip up and start saying those reality catch phrases, ask the person or yourself: Why is that the reality of the situation? And, who says you have to settle for it?

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