In Review: 52 Weekly Networking Success Strategies

“It’s not ‘NET-SIT’ or ‘NET-EAT’ –It’s ‘NETWORK.’ Successful networking is

about learning how to “work” the networking process–not just letting it happen.”


I can’t say enough about this book. I recommend it to every client or any person I hear who is looking to expand their business. To me, this is the complete guide to building your networking prowess. And even though the book was written with a focus on offline networking the tips can easily be transferred into online marketing.Written by Ivan D. Misner, the founder of Business Network International (BNI) and Michelle R. Donovan, The 29% Solution: 52 Weekly Networking Success Strategies is an easy read. He breaks down networking into 52 easy weekly steps that you can use to grow your network. Most importantly, the writing is fun and clear to read unlike other business books. They can be so dry or maybe I’ve been reading the wrong books.

The 29% takes you through the steps from creating your networking strategy which is very important. You can’t just go out there all willynilly, young lady. You need a plan!Besides planning your strategy Misner and Donovan also gives an assignment with every single chapter, which as a coach I love. So, instead of just reading, and agreeing you are compelled to action put the lessons into action to expand your network.

Inside at a glance:
Section One: Create Your Future
Section Two: Expand Your Network
Section Three: Go the Extra Mile
Section Four: Get Value for Your Time
Section Five: Control Your Communication
Section Six: Become the Expert
Section Seven: Capture Your Success Story
Section Eight: Do What Others Don’t

Read this book if you

  • don’t go to networking events because you have no idea what you would talk about to strangers;
  • don’t already follow-up;
  • are looking for a way to network authentically;
  • know that growing your network is the way to grow your business
  • are ready to take action

I highly suggest you either purchase this book or rent it from the library (those things still exist you know), read it and start applying it to your networking. You’ll be so glad you did.

What other books on networking do you highly recommend?

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