What does your balanced life look like?


Many people say you can’t have a balanced life or work/life balance doesn’t exist and I believe that happens because they have a totally different idea of what balance means. They are thinking that balance is 50/50. But what if you redefined it as having enough of what you need in each area of your life. And, that you can definitely have, once you know what that is.

In my newsletter last week (which you should totally sign up for) I asked my subscribers to define their stellar life, a balanced life. And I’m feeling like sharing the assignment with you today.

Your Stellar Star
There are five important points (areas) in your life: you (personal and spiritual), career, money, health (emotional, physical) and relationships. And when all those points are luminously brilliant you are on track to living a stellar life. So, take some time this week and write how your stellar life will look like in each area.

How do you want to feel about yourself? How do you want to carry yourself? What qualities do you want to possess?

What is your dream career going to look like? What are you going to do?

How much will you be making? What will the money in your stellar life allow you to do that you feel you can’t or don’t give yourself permission to do now?

What does that mean to you? Describe your healthy lifestyle.

Not just your romantic relationships, we’re talking your family and platonic relationships as well. What will they look like in your stellar life?

And, after you’ve written it down ask yourself, why don’t I have this now and what I am going to do about it?

What stellar life are you going to create?

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