Stuff I Wish I Wrote

This week we are at 533. I really haven’t had time to read that much in my Google reader for weeks. Yikes! But here is a little bit of what I did read and decided to share some with you that I feel are worthy of your looking over.

You’re welcome!

Srinivas Rao reminds us “If you really want to stretch, see what your capable of, push far beyond your limits, go too far to quit and aim for the point of no return.”

Kelly Lynn Adams spills the secret to manifesting money miracles. Who doesn’t need a financial miracle every now and then?

If you have not heard of The Bloggess than you are obviously not going to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Seriously. But don’t worry, you can still be saved by watching the zombie drill she staged in Utah. You might also pick up a lesson on having fun. You do remember how to do that as you live your life, right?

John Williams answers the question of Why don’t we do the stuff we really care about?

You can tell that Marie Forleo has fun with everything she does. Every Tuesday in her world is Q&A Tuesday where she As a viewers Q. I thought her video on What To Do When You Doubt Everything + Just Wanna Stay In Bed was really helpful. We all have those moments.

Over the summer about three people I personally know have taken the leap from employee to full time entrepreneur. Some prepared ahead of time, others are just winging it and hoping for the best. Then I saw a tweet by Melissa Breau But comfortable isn’t happy. So I quit.” And that led me to Recap of Week 1 Not Quite What I Expected. I totally admire people who are ready to take the leap. I am not there yet but am steady working toward it one day.

Okay, that’s a wrap for this week. I’ll keep reading and share the best post next week.

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