When you don’t have support

It can be very disappointing when you decide you want to start a business and you find you have NO support from those who are closest to you. And, it’s baffling because it seems to defy all sorts of logic. You are expecting strangers to have no faith in you, because they don’t know you. You’re just not prepared for it to be your lover(s), parents, friends or siblings.

And I totally understand because I’ve been there too when you are just elated at this new idea you have and you tell someone and they just spit all over it. Yucky! Maybe this is where you are right now. You tell yourself you don’t care but we both know it does affect you, even just a little. And, then you are upset, disappointed with those who don’t believe in you, those jerks and that is a waste of energy. The way I’ve learned to approach it is to not be upset with the person for not believing in you and your idea. Just be the bigger person and see it from their point of view.

Let’s brainstorm what’s actually running through their heads when they hear you say you want to start a business, create your own hours and take responsibility for your own financial well being.

Possibility #1:  They are making it all about them.
They are quite fine working for someone else. They don’t love risk and let’s face it, owning your own business is a huge risk but totally worth it. For them it’s just insane to not know if they are going to get paid at a regularly schedule time or at all. So, really they are just putting themselves in your shoes and using themselves as a judge of how well YOU will do. So, as you can see, this has nothing to do with you or your abilities at all.

Possibility #2: They are scared for them you.
They are afraid you will fail. In some cases, they are convinced you will fail because they know someone else who struck out on their own and failed. They care about you too much to watch that happen to you. So really they are protecting you by cutting off your crazy idea before you get out of hand.

And, don’t overlook the possibility they are afraid you will change or be too busy for them.

Possibility #3: They’re just mean.
There are some people in your life who don’t like it when someone is striving for something better. They want everyone else to struggle or just don’t like to see other people happy. They are the people who usually call to tell you all about them and rarely, if ever, ask about you. These people should be avoided when possible.

The point I’m driving home is it’s not about you. And, I don’t want you to waste your precious time and energy being upset, angry or disappointed because so and so doesn’t support your idea. There are plenty of people you can find who will.

How do you deal with your loved ones who don’t support your idea?

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