How are you managing your windows and tabs?


Today I want to talk to you about the windows and tabs you keep open all day on your computer when you think you are multitasking. But if you are not getting your blog posts written, making those phone calls, or finishing the projects that are going to make you money, I hate to break it to ya but you are multifailing.

You have a full time job and starting/growing your business on the side and are pressed for time. Some companies allow you to access your important sites such as: Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Or, if you can’t do that at the full time, you keep these tabs open when you go home to do some work. Your intent is to just have them open in the background so you can stay in the loop while you are working on the important stuff. How well does that plan work out for you?

For me it is the set up for procrastination. My standard tabs on my screen used to be, in this order: Gmail, Google Docs, Document I am supposed to be working on, Twitter, Facebook, Pandora, and TeuxDeux. I’d keep them open all day. This was my personal self sabotage system on a daily basis because the pattern was always the same. I would start on a document, then:
“Oh, I have 5 new emails, let me just click on that tab.”
“Hmm, there are 75 new tweets, let’s see what they are saying.”
“Someone posted on my wall. What did they say?”
“Ill, what song is that and what were they thinking and Pandora thinking when they selected that?”
“Now, what am I supposed to be doing again?”

And, I would always wonder why I couldn’t get my stuff done faster. I was continuously getting sucked into one of the tabs and then waste time not doing what needed to be done. I didn’t even notice this pattern until one day I really had to get a blog post written. I didn’t have time to dillydally so I didn’t open up any of those tabs just the one I needed and it wasn’t until I was done (which only took me an hour to finish) that I realized it was because I didn’t have the distractions that I got it done so quickly. Duh! I know I often overlook the obvious.

I’m not going to lie to you and say that now I don’t ever open up all those tabs. I’m not crazy. But what I do now is I give myself an hour to check email and have all the tabs I want open to get some of it out of my system. Then after the hour, I close the unnecessary tabs and go to work. And, I stay off for at least an hour.

Now, it’s your turn! What tabs do you have open right now?
Is it essential for you to have them all open? (If you’re not sure, ask yourself, is having this tab open getting me closer or further to getting me clients/customers and making money?)

What ways do you close the distractions online?


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