What’s holding you back?

Your job
Your lack of knowledge
Your family
Your friends

Your irrational fears….
Fear of success
Fear of failure
Fear of looking pushy
Fear of what people (friends and family) think about you starting a business
Fear of really putting yourself out there
Fear of getting clients and customers
Fear you’ll be seen as a fraud
Fear someone will not like what you offer
Fear of staying small forever
Fear of growing your business
Fear of not making this business work
Fear that you will make this business work and you’ll have to change
Fear you will never make any money at this
Fear that you will make a fool of yourself
Fear you’ll have to leave your job

Your misguided beliefs…
Belief that you are not cut out for this
Belief you are not a business person
Belief that you can’t actually make money doing this
Belief that the “economy” is an indicator of whether you can make any money
Belief you have to have it perfect before you launch, start writing that book, upload that new program

Your devious thoughts…
Telling you that you can’t do this
Reminding you of past failed attempts
Comparing you to others who are more “successful” than you
“Protecting” you from stepping into your greatness by keeping you in your comfort zone

What I know
You are more powerful beyond what you believe.
You already possess everything you need to have anything you want.
When you really want this, not your fears, beliefs or thoughts will get in your way of having it.

But in order for you to kick down those roadblocks, you have to know what fears, beliefs and thoughts are actually clouding your vision of success.


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