Stuff I Wish I Wrote


I have about 350 blog posts waiting for me to read them in my Google reader and I keep stumbling on more interesting blogs every day. I’m a busy chica so I get to it when I get to it. Some of these posts just came out today and others may have just come out 5 years ago. No matter, the information is still worth sharing so I place it here for your perusal.

Check out Marcus Sheridan’s Uncomfortable Road to Success. It is uncomfortable sometimes to go after what you want but you got to press on if you want to be successful.

No Biz, No Customers? GenJuice knows that if you don’t have any customers you are really not in business. They were so kind to as to give you an important tip on how to get the customers to buy what you are selling.

Do you think you have to have eveything perfect before you do start your business? Find out Ashley Ambirge’s Dirty Confessions of an Entrepreneur: What I Never Told You and find out how the is not the case.

Why wouldn’t you Go After Your Best Prospects First? If you are waiting for your business to be more established Rich Gee tells you how that is just delaying your big pay day.

I just love Rich Gee so here is another stellar blog post: BRAG — Toot Your Own Horn Without Blowing It. As women, we hate to brag about ourselves but as business women, if we don’t tell others how great we are how in the heck do we expect people to want to work with us?

For all my fellow bloggers, if you are not checking out Problogger you’ve been missing out on some stellar tips to get you blog from blah to bling. And here are 15 Blogger Resources Not Previously Featured on ProBlogger to enhance what you already have.

Okay, that’s a wrap for this week. I’ll keep reading and share the best post next week.

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