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Today, I have the esteemed pleasure to introduce to you Ev’Yan the genius behind one of my favorite blogs: Sex, Love & Liberation! She writes about sexuality and not in the porn style kind of way. Many of you may be thinking there is no other way. Get your mind out of the gutter. Anyway dirty birdies, she is unleashing her Manifesto: Sex, Love, Liberation: A manifesto for the bold at heart today and was gracious enough to do an interview so you can learn more about her and her message.

Tell us about Sex, Love, Liberation: A Manifesto for the Bold at Heart and why you wrote it.

SLL, as it’s informally called, is a collection of audacious statements, poetic truisms, & unabashed truths. This book contains everything I believe in, & everything I wish to provoke in others. It’s a declaration of all that is sexual, sensual, & freeing.

I wrote it because I recently came to the realization that sex, love & liberation are important aspects of our life; each nourishes the other: sex prompts love, love prompts liberation, liberation prompts sex.

How did the idea of the Manifesto come about?

I wanted to write something that was bold, brash, & slightly blasphemous. On a smaller scale, I had a desire to put together a collection of powerful mantras with the hopes that it would move others. For me, personally, this manifesto has ended up being a kind of bible to myself when it comes to all things sensual. I hope it is the same for others.

What message(s) are you hoping to share with those who read your Manifesto?

That your love is limitless. That your gender is fluid. That it’s a disservice to the world for you not to create. That there is no love greater than the love you have for yourself. That your sexuality is beautiful, natural, & dying to be expressed fully.

On your site, you say “This is the most authentic & life enhancing thing you’ve ever written.” Ever? Why do you feel this way?

I’ve poured my entire self into this book. I’ve spent a lot of time nourishing it & provoking it to bloom. There is nothing that I’ve written that has gotten this much attention & nurturing quite like this book has received. So in a value sense, yes, this is the most authentic thing I’ve ever written.

I think this book has the ability to transform the way women (& men) see themselves sexually, how they express their love (for themselves & others), & how hungry they are for freedom from the ties that bind them. If nothing else, SLL is loaded with beautiful declarations that should be in everyone’s minds every single day of their lives.

Of all the topics to pick, what called out to you about writing about sexuality and being so bold as to share your own exploration? You don’t feel a bit exposed?

I don’t feel like I chose to write about sex; I feel that it chose me. In a lot of ways, I feel like I am the last person that should be helping others manifest their sensualities & discover ways to express their carnal desires, simply because I’m not an expert. I’ve had my own issues with sex & I’m not even close to being completely uninhibited within it. But… the one thing I’ve found out is that the best way to learn something is to teach it. So by writing about sex & revealing its intimacies in my own life, I am teaching myself to enjoy sex, to become one with my sexual orientation, & to exude my sensuality in a way that is liberating, rather than hindered. My blog isn’t just for my readers; it’s for me, too.

And I absolutely feel exposed in the process of all of this, but that’s a discomfort I’m perfectly fine with feeling, because I know it’s helping others. It’s helping me, as well. It’s very healing.

What is your advice to someone who is afraid to explore her sexuality?

First, give yourself permission to explore your sexuality; we are often in the way of our own selves when it comes to expressing our sexualities, so being able to tell your body “Hey, this is okay with me; this is what I want” is very, very powerful. Then, go at your own pace. Dive into it deeply & get right to the heart of things — your sexual preference, your sexual expression, what turns you on & doesn’t, etc. — OR… simply take your time & explore things gradually, gently.

Whichever method you choose, it’s very important that you nurture this side of you that has been locked away for so long. Listen to your heart & your body. Also, expect for some issues to come up that you didn’t anticipate. For me, it was the realization that the self-hate I’ve experienced in coming to terms with my ethnicity was inhibiting my sexual expression.

What else can we look forward to seeing from you next? (Coaching programs, webinars, more books, speaking?)

I’m the kind of woman that likes to take things one step at a time & not place expectations on my projects. BUT, I will say that I have high hopes with my blog & the works that will no doubt come from it. I would love to do a course of some sort that helps women write their own erotica, mainly as a private sensual practice & for their sexual growth & creativity. I want to write a couple more books & have those be tangible & hardbound. And I’ve been told by several of my dearest friends/allies that I would make a great speaker.

So, E: all of the above. ;]

Has your curiosity been whetted? If you’d like to get you hands on Sex, Love, Liberation: A manifesto for the bold at heart, click here to get your copy.

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