Stuff I Wish I Wrote


This week, we are at 391 post waiting for me in my Google reader. I got it under 400! Whoo Hoo! I’m proud of myself. One day, I really, really, really will get down to zero. That day is just not today! Here’s a recap of what I did read that I felt worth sharing with you.

You’re welcome!

If you are not a prude you will enjoy Ev`Yan’s blog Sex, Lies and Liberation which is her way of documenting her freedom through self discovery. Her post Your Body is Beautiful the Way It Is. gave me a different way to look at my body. Instead of seeing what is not happening the way I want she’s gotten me to start thinking and appreciating it for the truly amazing creation it is. Don’t believe me? Check out the article yourself. (Do they even call them articles anymore?)

Someone in my office sent this link about Social Flights around. It’s an interesting idea. It’s putting you in control of your travel plans. I’m not sure how to explain it correctly so just follow the link and find out for yourself.

I’m not sure how I got so lucky as to stumble on Tyler Tervoorens blog Advance Riskology but I’m so happy that I did. His latest post A Tale of Two Dreamers is a stellar tale of two people who have dreams and how they do or do not stay committed to achieving them.

Erika Napoletano is a genius. She wrote a post Introducing:CAKE. I LOVE CAKE by the way. Well, the post isn’t completely about cake. She did ditch a guy who kinda rudely implied that her love for cake could make her fat and that has totally won me over. Screw him, more cake.

Srinivas Rao just really answered the question of why you don’t have what you want: Ready for it?  Maybe You’re Just Too Damn Lazy!

Okay, that’s a wrap for this week. I’ll keep reading and share the best post next week.

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