Your Health is Your Business

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As stellar, busy women, we get bogged down by our to do list and put off going to the gym, or making the healthier eating choice in favor off using that time to “finish up” our projects. I know you know your healthy is important but you’re still not motivated to do anything about it. Well, what if I told you it could be affecting your business (or lack thereof)? Would you be just a tad bit more interested?

Your health and business go hand-in-hand
Let’s start with the obvious. When you are not healthy, you’re sick a lot. Duh! You don’t feel motivated or have the energy to handle all your responsibilities. And, while you are all laid up in the bed, you may be getting paid time off from your day job but your side business will suffer because you won’t be able to provide your services or answer your customer’s emails, process their invoices, or show up at networking meetings to entice potential new customers. It’s just not a happy situation. Not to mention, you’ll also probably be in a crappy mood and no one will want to be around you. (It could happen.)

Part of being an entrepreneur is getting out there and interacting with your clients. And, when you feel good and KNOW you look good, you are client attractive. When you’re feeling sexy, your speaking engagements, seminars and workshops, and overall confidence just oozes out of you; and you’re easily able to show your prospective clients why they should work with you or buy what you’re selling.

Work it out, lady!
There are so many options for you to get you fit on. You can do yoga (which I tried and failed at), Zumba (which I love so much, I’m considering becoming an instructor so I can do it all the time), kickboxing, Pilates (we have an on again off again relationship. Right now we are totally off.) and other ways. You can even use video game systems. Now that the weather is getting warmer, you can go for a nice walk. Start small, you have the time, don’t tell me you don’t.

My story (in case you care)
In January, I posted my goal to lose weight. Since the original post, I’ve gone up and down but it’s still a win to me because although I’m slowly losing, I’m figuring out how to keep this weight off. So, when I get on the scale, like this past Sunday, and see the number jump, I don’t completely freak out. Just a little.

The Stellar Health Tracker
This nifty little spreadsheet was originally created by my mother and later jazzed up by me. It is a key factor in me  losing seven pounds. With this simple template–and using my best friend as an accountability partner–we track our weight, when and what we do for exercise, and what we eat. I’ve been totally honest with my entries and painfully realized what I’ve been eating. During those weeks when my weight goes up, I review my tracker for the week and see where I’ve gone astray. Mostly, it’s what I’m eating (Like the time I decided it was a stellar idea to have cake for breakfast! You’ve done it too. Don’t you judge me!). So, using this tracker, I know what I need to do to lose the weight again.

Honestly, you’ll either make time to stay health now, or you’ll be forced to make time to be sick later. The choice is yours.

Your first health mission:
Use the template: get a partner or do it yourself, give it a shot and let me know what you think. I’d also love to read any tips you use for losing weight and keeping it off.


To your healthy life!


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