Are You Settling?


The other night I was catching up with one of my closest friends who I hadn’t seen since last year. She is amazingly successful in her career and someone I truly admire.

Eventually, the conversation turned to romantic relationships. She confessed that her life was very good except for that one area. Naturally, I asked her how willing was she to change it? She admitted she wasn’t and you know what? That is perfectly fine. I’m sure there are some areas in your life you are not quite satisfied with but for now you tolerate it because you’re focused on another area and are just not committed right now to changing that other area that is not so stellar. And that I can accept. I’m the same way.

What I can’t accept
My friend went on to say that because all the other areas in her life were going well, she felt that was good enough. And, maybe no one is meant to have all the areas in their life be stellar. When she said that it literally broke my heart.

Is this where you are in your life? Maybe there is an area in your life that you’re enduring. It could be in your finances, relationships, health, career or even with a habit you detest with yourself. And, you have decided, just like my friend, that because that’s the way it has been this is the way it will always be or this is good enough.

I’m just not feeling this idea of because most of the areas in your life are going well that you should be happy and satisfied with that and not reach for more.

You are entitled to a stellar life and I want you to have it. I really, really do. I’d hate for you to settle or end up with anything in your life because you believe what you have is good enough. In business, many use the phrase “good is good enough” so that aspiring entrepreneurs will just stop hemming and hawing and waiting for perfection before they launch their business. But that phrase does not work for your overall life. You got to keep working at it little by little.

How do you do that?
The first step is to decide what you have had quite enough of because you deserve so much more. Once you know what the area or areas in your life you are tolerating–they could be small things like a messy apartment–you’ll know how to start turning it around. I have total confidence in you.

So, what are no longer going to tolerate in your life?

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