It's My Birthday!

This is my preschool picture. I guess I thought I was smiling!

Today is my birthday! Yay! I absolutely love my birthday. How could I not? It’s all about me, me, and me. But also, it’s the kick-off of the spring holiday season. After my birthday it’s my cousin’s b’day, Mother’s Day, my mother’s b’day, Father’s Day, my brother’s b’day,  and then my step fathers b’day. That’s a lot of eating, buying presents, and spending time with family. They lucky I like them.

Celebrate good times!
Before I turned 30, I would plan some activity such as going to the club, out to dinner with friends, seeing a play, taking a trip, etc. After 30, since I’ve really been grinding with business and networking I’ve now decided to take that day off and do nothing. I look forward to it.

So, today, I am going to go to the gym, get a manicure and pedicure at the spa, then go home and watch The NeverEnding Story and the original Clash of the Titans. Later on, I’ll go out to dinner with my family and that’s it. My brother says I’m protesting my birthday but to me, I’m relaxing into it. I’m also wondering how did I get to 33 so fast.

How do you celebrate the anniversary of your debut on the earth?

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