Stuff I Wish I Wrote


This week we are at 288 post waiting for me in my Google reader. Whoo Hoo! It’s coming down. Mostly because I have made this wrap-up part of my schedule. A wrap-up post isn’t very effective if I have nothing to wrap up! Here’s a recap of what I did read that I felt worth sharing with you.

You’re welcome!

How I Hacked Your Facebook Account was just super important not to post about how to protect yourself from prying eyes while you are out and about on your computer.

If you are contemplating leaving your job than Jennifer Gresham’s post How To Quit Your Job (Even When You’re Scared Out Of Your Mind) is a good read. She may not solve all your fears but at least you know you are not alone.

How many times have you heard the saying, “you are the company you keep”? I remember hearing that from my principal when I was in third grade. At the time, I had no idea what the heck he was talking about. In his blog, The Daily Love, Mastin Kipp explains in his own why Who You Spend Time With Is Who You Become.

I was completely heartbroken to read the lesson my friend and fellow coach Nailah Blades had to learn the hard way when I read Show Up! Or How I Missed Out on $10,000. Ugh! It still stings!

Andrea Owen of Your Kick Ass Life wrote a stellar guest post on Jenny Blake’s blog on how to Kick Your Gremlin’s Ass. It really hit home for me as I am seriously fighting my own gremlin as I’m pushing way past my comfort zone. If you are tired of verbally abusing yourself, you might want to give this post a read.

Okay, that’s a wrap for this week. I’ll keep reading and share the best post next week.

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